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Start page DYI Gmod2 / Magic Desk cartridge | The DYI Gmod2 / Magic Desk cartridge is a cartridge that is compatible to the well-known Gmod2, Ocean or Magic Desk type cartridges, for the C64 and C128. The ROM can be flashed with an EPROM programmer or with the Commodore C64 or C128. GadgetUK164 - 1MB A500+ | A new video from GadgetUK164. In this video you can see how to upgrade a RAM expansion from 512 KB to 1 MB for use with the A500+ computer. Aphexteknol - SixtyClone C64 | Aphexteknol made a new YouTube video. This time he talks about building a SixtyClone C64 motherboard for the Commodore C64. SIDKick - C64 | SIDKick is a drop-in replacement for the SID in the C64 / C128. The SIDKick uses a Teensy 4.1. and has the following features: 6581 / 8580, reSID, Sound Expander/FM, paddle, mouse, operational amplifier, mono and stereo. Recent updates: Support for MIDI and RGB-LED stripes. 10 MARC - GreaseWeazle | A new episode of the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast is now available. In this episode: The GreaseWeazle 4. With the GreaseWeazle you can read and write Amiga diskettes on the PC. Jan Beta - VIC-II Kawari | A new YouTube video from Jan Beta. In this video: The testing of the new VIC-II Kawari Commodore 64 graphics chip replacement. Steve Guidi - DB9 to USB joystick adapter | You can now watch a new YouTube video from Steve Guidi. In this video the Retronic Design Universal DB9-to-USB joystick adapter. Chuck Hutchins - Petunia | Chuck Hutchins made a new video about retro computers. This time he talks about the HUH Electronics Petunia card for the Commodore PET. A digital to analogue converter and four-voice software music synthesizer. A2000 Serotina mechanical keyboard | The A2000 Serotina keyboard is a DIY open-source mechanical keyboard for the Amiga A2000 and A3000 computers. The keyboard is developed by grahamshaw72. Benjamin dot Computer - Amiga 500 upgrade | Benjamin wrote a comprehensive blog about upgrading his Amiga 500 computer. After a good cleaning he added a Vampire, CF-HDD, Gotek, more RAM and a new power supply. JOLLY CARTRIDGE - VIC20 | The JOLLY CARTRIDGE is a ROM/ RAM cartridge for the Commodore VIC20 computer developed by MCes. You can configure the cartridge with 64 kB ROM or 32 kB RAM or a combination of ROM and RAM. CRG - Amiga 500 @ 14 MHz | A new YouTube video from CRG, in this video a budget Amiga 500 accelerator card. This card has a 68000 CPU at 14mhz and 1 MB of Fast RAM. The ultimate Competition Pro joystick mod | Mageb made a number of improvements for the legendary Competition Pro joystick from the 80s. The improvements are: Beter joystick centering and microswitches and a better mounting frame for the switches. Bart Venneker - C64 loudspeaker | Bart Venneker has made a video about building a loudspeaker for the Commodore C64 computer. (Dutch language.) OpenSwitcher - Amiga | With the OpenSwitcher it is possible to switch the Amiga disk drives DF0 and DF1. This makes it possible to use an external drive as boot-drive (DF0). 65f02 | Jürgen Müller wrote a blog about a 6502 CPU that can work on 100 MHz. He uses a small circuit board with an Spartan-6 FPGA to emulate the 6502 CPU. The 65f02 is tested in various chess computers, the Apple II and a Commodore 8032 computer. C64-Pi1541-II | Tebl created a Pi1541 disk drive that looks like a stack of floppy disks. A parts list and building instructions are available. WiC-64 | The WiC-64 is a wireless interface for the Commodore 64 computer. The WiC-64 is based on the ESP 32 and is connected to the user-port. Jan Derogee - VIC-20 & SAM | A new hardware project from Jan Derogee. This time he is working on a VIC-20 text-to-speech synthesizer using the iconic voice of SAM. Noel's Retro Lab - Amiga power supply | You can watch a new video from the Noel's Retro Lab YouTube channel. This time Noel is going to build a new power supply for his Amiga computer. Bart Venneker - C64 Chat cartridge | Bart Venneker has made a video about experimenting with communication via the cartridge port of the Commodore C64. (Dutch language.) Amiga TerribleFire TF1230 Accelerator | The new TF1230 accelerator card for the Amiga 1200 is now available. The features are: 68030 @ 50MHZ, 64MB / 128MB RAM and a IDE Interface. The TF1230 offers speeds over 7 times faster than a standard Amiga 1200. MEGA65 | You can now pre-order your MEGA65 computer. The first 400 units have been sold but reservations for the next batch (1000 units, delivery 2022) can still be made. Nivbot - 4116 RAM Tester | Nivbot developed a tester for 4116 RAM chips. The tester uses an ArduinoNano microcontroller and a LCD screen to test the chips. Retrohax - Amiga 2000 (2) | Retrohax has written a blog about building a brand new Amiga 2000 computer. You can now look at part 2 of the project in his blog. Adrian Black - ARMSID | A new YouTube video from Adrian Black. This time he shows the ARMSID for the Commodore C64 computer. The ARMSID is a replacement of the SID music chip in the C64. GadgetUK164 - TF520 | A new video from GadgetUK164. In this video you can see how to build and test the TF520. The TF520 is an accelerator for the Amiga 500 / 2000. Virtual Dimension - Amiga HDMI | Virtual Dimension made a new video (German language). In this video: Building your RGB2HDMI adapter. This adapter uses a Raspberry Pi Zero and can be used in an Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000 computer. Chameleon 64 - 9p | A new core is available for the Chameleon. Changes in this core: Improvements for NMI, file-browser and autostart. Commodore CTab-64 | Commodore Engineering has started a new Kickstarter to create an innovative powerful C64-style tablet with dual-boot system: Linux / Android. Individual Computers - Indivision ECS V3 | Individual Computers is taking pre-orders for the Indivision ECS V3. The Indivision ECS V3 is a Flickerfixer / Scandoubler for the Amiga computer. Randy Rossi - VIC-II replacement (6) | A new YouTube video from Randy Rossi is now available. In this video Randi shows a replacement for the VIC-II in the Commodore C64.