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Start page Commodore History - Silver label C64 | You can watch a new video from the Commodore History YouTube channel. In this video the Silver label Commodore C64 computer. A-Pet 500 | The A-Pet 500 is a metal case for an Amiga 500 computer in the shape of a Commodore PET computer. You can see an update of the project in this YouTube video. Randy Rossi - VIC-II replacement (7) | A new YouTube video from Randy Rossi is now available. In this video Randi shows the recent updates of his hardware replacement for the VIC-II chip in the Commodore C64. AmiTube v1.3 - Amiga | AmiTube is a YouTube Client for the m68k Amiga. This program will download the video in the CDXL or MPEG1 format. You can watch the movie on your Amiga with AGABlaster (CDXL) or RiVA (MPEG). Little Nippers Deluxe - C64 | Little Nippers Deluxe is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. Little Nippers Deluxe is a single button game in which you fling crabs out of their buckets. Their task is to bite the kids that run across the beach or promenade. The game is developed by Richard Bayliss and Hugues Poisseroux. Retrohax - Amiga 2000 (4) | Retrohax has written a blog about building a brand new Amiga 2000 computer. You can now look at part 4 of the project in his blog. Propaganda #32 | Propaganda is an English diskette magazine for the Commodore scene. In this edition the following articles: Editorial, News & Gossip, 10 Years of GubbData, ZZAP69, Interview: Hermit, Mr. Mouse: FM-YAM, Paladin: Saving our legacy and the Jukebox. Tynemouth Software - Plus/4 & 7-pin PS | Tynemouth Software has written a blog about replacing the original 4-pin power supply connector with a 7-pin connector (VIC20 / C64). FlexSID 1.2 - C64 | FlexSID is a program to create small footprint SID music. The program is available for Linux, Window and the C64. Features: 5 players, Editor-screen, Menu-screen, TempoTable, Orderlist, Pattern and Instrument/FX-table. Amiga clock port - Raspberry Pi | Niklas Ekström developed a new interface to connect a Raspberry Pi to the Amiga clock-port. The A314 software has been adapted to this interface so that it is possible to run services such as a314fs and the SANA-II network driver. TheRetroChannel - 1084 repair | Mark Sawicki has made a new video. In this video Mark shows how to repair a Commodore 1084 monitor with a bad flyback transformer. Greaseweazle Tools v1.2 | Keir Fraser has released updates for the Greaseweazle hardware. The recent changes are: Improvements for gw read, gw convert and fallback. Support for Kryoflux info block. SID-Device / ACID 64 Player Pro | SID-Device is a cross-platform Network SID Device, developed by Wilfred Bos, that emulates the Commodore C64 sound chip, a.k.a. SID chip (6581/8580). It runs in a local network or on your own machine. The Curse of Rabenstein - C64 | The Curse of Rabenstein is a graphic adventure from Stefan Vogt. This special (point & click) edition is made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Commodore C64. The game is available for C64, Plus/4, CPC, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Atari ST, MSX1, MSX2, DOS and PC. Retro Commodore | The web page has many high-quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: Lär dig programmera Commodore VIC 64 Steg för Steg GRAFIK Fjärde boken, The Commodore 64 Kernal and Hardware Revealed and Amiga Info 1993, 30/4, May, 1/7, 23/8. Maze of Galious - AROS | Maze of Galious is a new game for AROS. The original game is developed by Santi Ontanon Villar and is also available for Windows, OSX and Linux. MoG is a very addictive game where you have to kill thousands of enemies, collect items in order to obtain new powers and defeat some really great demons at the end of each level. The Commodore Show - 02 | The Commodore Show is a podcast for all Commodore users. In this episode: Repairing the Commodore C64 by replacing capacitors, voltage regulators and chips. Everything Amiga | The webpage Everything Amiga added new articles last month: The Hunt for Red October retrospective, Railroad Tycoon - The original transport sim, The heart of Rock 'n Roll is still beating and Monkey Island Meets Rambo - Code Name Hell Squad. PET 64 Docking Station | Dave Luna had an old not working Commodore PET 64 computer. He decided to make it into a docking station for a modern computer. He added a TFT screen, USB hub, DisplayLink adapter to the PET 64, and an Arduino for the connection with the PET 64 keyboard. Flashtro | On the web page you can see many cracker intros within your browser. The original intros from the Amiga, Atari-ST, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation etc. are converted to the browser. The most recent flashtro's are:Cytax - dos manager and Flashtro - duckstroma. Nick Bild - C64 Fitness Watch | Nick Bild developed another hardware project for the Commodore C64 computer. This time he connects a C64-themed smartwatch that wirelessly syncs data to your Commodore C64 computer. WHDLoad | WHDLoad offers a way to play Amiga diskette games from your hard disk. Update: Kennedy Approach, Roadwar Europa, Bar Games, Cadaver, Castle Master, 7 Cities Of Gold, Grid Start and Tetris: The Soviet Challenge. Super Monza Grand Prix - VIC20 | Super Monza Grand Prix is a new game for the Commodore VIC20 computer. The game is developed by AJ Layden and is a racing game for position or a race against the clock. The game needs a 16 kB RAM expansion and can be played with a joystick. Back In Time 2022 | Back In Time is a 2-day event dedicated to the great music of retro games from the golden era on the Commodore 64 and Amiga. As usual there will be live acts, DJ's and sid's and mods in all their glory! AmiGemini - Amiga | AmiGemini is a browser for the Gemini protocol developed by Karl Jeacle. Changes in this version: Support for Spartan, added theme palette editor and improvements for AmiSSL, proportional font and Marker >. FairLight TV | You can now watch a new episode of the FairLight TV YouTube channel. In this episode: Bacchus is at the Gubbdata 2022 meeting. Retro Ravi - Remix | Retro Ravi makes 8-bit mixes with his Amiga computers. This time Ravi has done a mix of almost 3 hours. SLAY Radio - Garden Party | You can listen to a new episode from SLAY Radio. Slaygon & ziona have some visitors around this week: Andreas Wallström, will Ace_DK, Uthar and Gohanks. Raster Master | Raster Master is a Sprite/Icon/Map editor for Windows that generates RayLib code / Put image and map code for AmigaBASIC, Amiga C and Amiga Pascal. Raster Master is developed by RetroNick. Tynemouth Software - VIC20 ROM cartridge | Tynemouth Software has developed a new ROM cartridge for the Commodore VIC20 computer. This cartridge can be used as a 8, 16 or 32 kB ROM cartridge. The ROM can be configured in the Blocks 1,2,3 or 5. Amiga Addict 13 | Amiga Addict is a digital and printed Amiga magazine. In this edition: Knightmare, Demoscene, Tony Horgan, TheA500 Mini, AmiGameJam, Amiga Art Contest, MorphOS and DPaint - Creative Revolution. Sprite Castle - Marble Madness | Rob O'Hara has made a new podcast. The subject in this episode is the game Marble Madness from Electronic Arts (1986) for the Commodore C64 computer.