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Start page Ignition v1.0 - AmigaOS 4.x | Ignition is a modern spread sheet for AmigaOS 4.x. Changes in this version: Improvements for GUI, ARexx interface, Reaction, DB, dialogs, help, menu, functions and gtdrag library. - C64 repair | made a new video about diagnosing and repairing a Commodore C64 with a test harness. The Guru Meditation - NewTek Video Toaster | In this episode of the Guru Meditation: The NewTek Video Toaster for the Commodore Amiga computer. Bill shows the video switcher, ChromaFX, Toaster Paint, Lightwave 3D, and the character generator. Programming the C64 again | Jens Christian Ingvartsen Thomsen has written a new book for the Commodore C64. In the book Jens shares his experience on programming his game in assembler. DIR PLUS V3.0 - Plus/4 | DIR PLUS is a SD2IEC browser, program starter and file manager solution for your Commodore 64 and Plus/4. C64Studio v6.4 | C64 Studio is an assembly development environment which is dependent on VICE. You can write assembly code and test this with the VICE emulator. Recent changes: Improvements for the Charset screen editor, PETSCII editor, !hex, Files, C64Debugger, Map Editor, !mediasrc, Export and Character Editor. A314 | The A314 is a trapdoor expansion that lets you use a Raspberry Pi as a co-processor to an Amiga 500. The Amiga 500 and the Raspberry Pi can communicate through a shared memory. The A314 is developed by Niklas Ekström and M. Rönndahl. Games That Weren't 64 | The GTW64 web page has had an update. New: Bugs in buggyland, Civilization, Elevator, King Of The Air, Labyrinth, Milliways: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Sagan om ringen and Warcraft 64. Update: 3 Days In Carpathia, Andromeda 3, Anteater, Beavers, Bomber Clot, Cargo run, Catch 23, Chelsea of the South Sea, Club Jr's, Dr Who and the Warlord, Dragonstone 2, Dune Buggy, Gauntlet 3, Ground Zero, Hard Drivin' V1, Lauren of the 25th Century, Old Scores, Pony Express, Populous, Quest for Eternity, Snow Bros, Super Scramble, The Greedy Dwarf, The Search For Sharla, The Tripods, Toby's Rescue, White Feather Cloak and Worms. Adrian Black - GAL-PLA | A new video from Adrian Black. This time he shows how you can replace the PLA-chip in a Commodore C64 with a GAL-chip. This GAL replacement is developed by Daniël Mantione. AMIGA 2020 - Steven Fletcher | AMIGA 2020 will be a documentary film by Steven Fletcher. Steven is now running a Kickstarter campaign to make his documentary about Amiga users, new developments and Amiga events in the Year 2020. 8-Bit Show & Tell - C64 Logo Pi | Robin Harbron made another new video. This time he wants to estimate the number Pi with the Commodore C64 and the programming language Logo. Tiny little Slug - Amiga | Tiny little Slug is a new game for the Amiga that is developed by André Zeps, XplrA and Thomas Boisse. The game is available either on CD, diskette or as a download file. In the game you are a snail and you must find the strawberry. But you have to be smarter than your opponents. Club Info 157 | In this German language d64 magazine for the Commodore C116, C16 and the Plus/4 the following articles: Forum, Scene, Tips & Tricks, Red Alert, Screensaver, Invert.bas, Stercore 264, Rockman, Revenge of the Moon Goddess, Jabba Otthona, Perils of Darkest Africa, Printfox Plus/4, Speed-Ball, Hibernated 1, Star Trek, Syndrome, Eight Feet Under, Suspect and Andere Systeme. Ravi Abbott - Civitas Nihilium | Ravi is taking a look at the boardgame Civitas Nihilium. This game has been made with the help of an Amiga computer. Virtual Dimension - Pets Rescue  | Virtual Dimension has made a video (German language) about the game Pets Rescue for the Commodore Plus/4. The Jump'n'Run game Pets Rescue was developed by +4 All Stars / Boyknecht and published in the year 2018 by Psytronic Software. FCEU v1.8 - MorphOS | FCEU emulates the classic NES / Famicom game console. FCEU currently has great compatibility with sound support and save ram / save state support. Changes in this version: Improvements for audio, vsync, 6502 cpu, disk and .NES and .FDS images. Look Mum No Computer - SID Guitar | The YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer made a bass guitar synthesizer with a SID chip. Redpill Puzzle - Amiga | Redpill Puzzle is a new game for the Amiga, developed by Lemming880. In the game you must move the diamonds around a maze and into a grey area. But avoid the red diamond! Jan Beta - SaRuMan TED RAM | A new video from Jan Beta. In this video: Jan is looking at the SaRuMan TED RAM expansion for the Commodore C16/C116 from Eslapion. AmigaVibes podcast - Arok around the clock | The AmigaVibes team made another mix of Amiga music: Deflektor - Ziona, Crimson (Buncu Remix) - Buncu, Fairlight Remix - Teo, Twisted Roads Title - Werdy / SIDRIP Alliance, D.I.S.C.O., D.I.S.C.S.D.I. - Buxy, The Last Skater - Buxy, Cyberworld Remix - Teo, Commando Ninja's Last Mission - d3T0x and Watch my balls in action - Vincenzo. Atic Atac - C64 | Atic Atac is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is converted from the ZX version by Tom-Cat (code), Saul Cross (music) and STE'86 (pixels). The game was tested by Bulb, Paranoidroid and RT. GadgetUK164 - A500 | GadgetUK164 has made a video about repairing and modifying an Amiga 500. In this part he is working on a RAM Upgrade, ROM Switcher and a Controller Switcher. SEUCK Compo 2020 - Wild Wafers Deluxe | The game Wild Wafers Deluxe is a new game in the SEUCK Compo 2020. The game is developed by Mo Dernart. In the game you must shoot down all the wavers. Speed Dreams 2 - AROS | Speed Dreams 2 is a 3D cross-platform, open source motorsport simulation and racing game. The game is now available for AROS. DirMaster v3.1.5 | DirMaster is a Windows-based GUI tool useful for the management of emulator formats such as: .d64, .d81, .t64, etc. as well as archival formats such as .arc, .sda, .lnx, etc. New in this version: Improvements for BAM, 40 track disks and PrologicDOS disk-names. A1200 8MB RAM expansion | The web shop Amiga-Kit is now selling a A1200 8MB Fast RAM Memory Expansion for the Amiga 1200. Features: 8MB Fast RAM, Auto-config, Clockport, Support for FPU and Real Time Clock. BackBit - C64 / C128 / VIC20 | BackBit is a multi-purpose cartridge for the Commodore C64, C128 and the VIC20. The features are: SD storage, Real-time-clock and support for D64, D71, D81, CRT, T64, PRG and P00. AmigaRemix | You can listen to new remixes on the AmigaRemix web page. The following Amiga music is added to the web page: Shadow of the Beast - Inside The Tree, Whispered Dreams (Whipped With Xur's Scepter), Wings of death - Stage 5 - Cold lands of doom and despair, Enigma - A Final Hyperbuss To Motala (ALPA Spaceninja Remix), Desert Dream (Jaenathan Big Room House Remix), Lotus Turbo challenge II - End Tune and Project-X - Title. Rob Taylor - SixtyClone | Rob Taylor has been working a long time on a replica Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for the Commodore C64. A replica of the PCB with Assembly #250407 or #250466 PCB is now available. A complete list of components you need to buy yourself is also available. Modern Vintage Gamer - MNT ZZ9000 | The Modern Vintage Gamer has made a video about a graphics card for the Amiga 2000/3000/4000. The MNT ZZ9000 RTG Card supports resolutions up to 1080p and has onboard ethernet and USB. Return #40 | Return magazine is a German printed magazine for classic computers and consoles. In this edition: Tomb Raider, Atomkrieg im Videospiel, James Bond 007, Panzer-Dragoon, Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, Rygar, THE C64, Mischief Makers, 198X, Amiga Germany 34, Xeno Crisis, The Curse of Trasmoz, Szene-News, Rad Mobile and Arkanoid. Bwack - C64 VICII | Bwack is making a video series about the analysis of the VIC-II die shot. In this part: The address counter.