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Start page André Fachat - Micro-PET family | André Fachat developed a number of 8-bit retro computers, mainly clones of the Commodore PET - but with many more features. The available computers are: Ultra-CPU, Micro-PET and the Ulti-PET. VD aktuell 04 | VD aktuell is a retro gaming magazine (German language) with 64 full-color pages. In this edition: Retro news, Indiana Jones und Sophia Hapgood, Sommerspaß im Retro-Land, Rückkehr zum Planet der Affen, Homecomputergeschichten, Neue Games für alte Kisten, Das Retro-Video-Programm, Danger Dennis, VHS, Protracker (1) and Retro-Rätsel. COREi64 - CMD SuperCPU128 MMU reproduction | COREi64 has shown the first pictures of the CMD SuperCPU128 MMU reproduction he has developed. The next step will be the licensing. Multi-game Character Editor - Amiga | With the Multi-game Character Editor you can edit character files, saved games and high score tables for more than 100 Amiga games. Commodore Free #99 | A new edition of the Commodore Free magazine is now available. In this edition the following: Editorial, News, Happy Programming, Interviews with Steve Morrow, SMILA, Martin Piper and Slartibartfast, C64 Code Hacking and SuperBoot v1.00 for the SuperCPU. Payton Byrd - Modular Commodore case | Payton Byrd developed a modular case for the Commodore C64, C64c, VIC20 and C16 home computers. The bottom half is now ready, and the next step will be developing the top half of the case for the keyboard. GadgetUK164 - Amiga 600 repair | You can now watch a new video from the GadgetUK164 YouTube channel. In this video, the repair of an Amiga A600 computer. ANT&TEC - 1541 / 1571 power supply | You can now watch a new video from the ANT&TEC YouTube channel. In this episode: Replacing the power supply in Commodore 1541 / 1571 disk drive. Yawning Angel Retro - AMOS | You can watch a new video from the Yawning Angel Retro YouTube channel. In this episode: How you can program shooting projectiles at objects in AMOS. TPUG - 06-2024 | You can now watch the June, 2024 TPUG (Toronto PET Users Group) meeting on YouTube. Special guest: Jaime Idolpx - Meatloaf (IEC). Retronaut - Amiga disk drive reparatie | You can watch a new video from the Retronaut YouTube channel. In this episode: The repair of a 3.5 inch disk drive for the Amiga computer. reMETA #19- Arok Party 2024 | ReMETA is a diskette magazine for the Commodore C64. In this episode: Arok Party 2024. Dare to Dream: Commodore and Amiga Today? | David John Pleasance started a Kickstarter campaign for a new book. In this book he will describe what happened after Commodore went bankrupt. At that time David John Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot made a business plan to buy Commodore. Overshadow #40 - C64 | Overshadow is a diskette magazine in the Hungarian language for the Commodore C64 computer. In this edition: Hirek, Magyar Scene 2023, Lapszemle 2023, Interviews: NafCom and MMS+4, Batman the movie, Viccek, Harcos Képzelet, Filmek, Foci 1 &2 and Kronológia 1, 2 & 3. Chopper Duel - Amiga | Chopper Duel is a new game for the Amiga computer, developed by izero79. The game is based on the original game for MS-DOS from the year 1993. Chopper Duel was written with asm, and it has been tested with A500 512 kB, A600 and A1200+060. Should work on both PAL and NTSC Amiga computers. 64'er | It is already 40 years ago that the first 64'er magazine was published (1984-04). You can now read the magazine like it was 40 years ago, a new edition will be available every month The magazine is in the German language. Retrohax - Vacuum forming keyboards | Retrohax has written a blog about using vacuum forming to make a coloured keyboard for retro computers. Tynemouth Software - PET 64K / 128K RAM | Tynemouth Software has written a blog about developing an 64 / 128 kB RAM expansion for the Commodore CBM/PET computers. Amiga Germany #11 | Amiga Germany is a German printed Amiga magazine. In this edition: Elvira, New York Warriors, Filmlizenzen auf dem Amiga, Robert Clardy erzählt, Dyna Blaster, Greaseweazle, Box-Art-Story Apidya, Interview mit Rolf-Dieter Klein (Ports of Call) and Ami H.E.R.O. Commodore Chronicles Podcast | You can now listen to a new episode of the Commodore Chronicles Podcast. In this episode: Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday, Boatfest 2024, pickups and the Michigan Vintage Computer Club meeting. Amiga Future #169 | A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future is now available. In this edition: Beyond the Screen: Fugger, Ecliptic, Glubble, Kondi Krush,, Tristam Island, Rogue Declan, Ghosts of Blackwood Manor, Board game vs Amiga: Kick Off, Whirligig, Glamorous Zombie Flakes, Wakabavideo Component Video (YPbPr) Transcoder, Dogi, Aminet, BreakThru, eRGB2HDMI, Power Supply A500, 600 and 1200, Directory Opus, Hollywood Designer 7.0, Trevors Soapbox, Smallnet # 2, Demoscene: The deep meet and Paint, Knowledge (2): Powermonger and designing websites with CSS. 2112 V3.2 - C64 | 2112 V3.2 is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. In the game, you must explore space to get supplies for planet Earth. The game is developed by Roberto Sandri (code & pixels), Pixelnacho (pixels) and E$G (Linking & Test). Wayfarer v8.8 - MorphOS | Wayfarer is a web browser for MorphOS, based on a recent branch of WebKit. Changes in this version: Improvements for MediaSource player, video, ReCaptcha, cURL, PayPal login and user-agents. Updated to WebKitGTK 2.44.2. Jan Beta - Retrobright | A new YouTube video from Jan Beta. In this video, Jan shows how to use the Retrobright method for your yellowed computer hardware. Hall of Light | An update for the Hall of Light web page: SimAnt, Hunter, The Blues Brothers, D-Day: The Beginning Of The End, Rüsselsheim / Detroit, Hyperforce, Hunter Killer, The Hunt For Red October, Gran Halcón, El / Hudson Hawk, Huckleberry Hound In Hollywood Capers, Hoversprint, Grand Prix 500 2 / Hot Rubber, Horror Zombies From The Crypt, Hook, Hollywood Hijinx, Hong Kong Phooey and Hillsfar. Josip Retro Bits - C64 Kernal routines | You can now watch a new video from the Josip Retro Bits YouTube channel. In this episode, you can see how you can use Commodore C64 Kernal routines in assembly programming. RobSmithDev - Diskette cleaner | You can now watch a new video from the RobSmithDev YouTube channel. In this episode, Rob is designing and building a machine for cleaning 3.5 inch diskettes. Quest Four Two - C64 | Quest Four Two is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. The game is developed by Wil (code & pixels) and Logiker (Dir-Art). The game was released at the Vintage Computing Carinthia $2A (42) meeting in Austria. MorphOS Storage | An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: ThunderSlash.lha, ShowGeo_1.0.lha, Wayfarer_8.8.lha, PintorWeb_5.00.lha, PolyOrga_1.26a.lha, AmiArcadia_32.71.lha, ADiffView_2.6.lha, Easy2Install_1.0b54.lha, SmartClipboard_1.4.lha, Runaway_1.31.lha, DonkeyKong_1.83.lha, L.M.Calendar-and-Clock_1.00.lha, ReportPlus_8.50.lha, MicroExcel_2.1.lha, Image2PDF_2.7.lha, iConecta_5.25.lha and hTeX_1.0.lha. | The demo portal has added new demos for the Commodore C64 computer. The new files are: Heavy Tune 1990, 53 Miles West Of Venus, 25Years, Laxity, Blazon Stars, Blue Planet, Colorful Oldschool, Tarkus, Moving In & Out, Moonparts, Huestack, Rainbow Farts, Lunatic Patrol, Protovision, Nostalgia and Energy Intro. World of Jani - Amiga BlueSCSI v2 | Jani has written an article about installing an Amiga BlueSCSI v2 in a Supradrive 500XP. The BlueSCSI is an open source SCSI HDD emulator built on an Arduino STM32F103C. C64 intros | The web page c64Intros has updated its intro database and added more new intros. Updates: 50 new intros and 7 new groups.