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Start page Hoxs64 v1.1.0.5 | David Horrocks released a new version of his Hoxs64 emulator. The latest changes are: Improvements for cartridges and the DirectX pixel sampler mode. Geo's Quest 3, Gateway to Nowhere - Amiga | Geo's Quest 3, Gateway to Nowhere is a point and click graphic adventure game for the Amiga computer. The first part of the game is The A's of Three. UltiConfig - VIC20 | With UltiConfig you can configurate your UltiMem and SD2IEC. The features are: Memory config selector, DOS wedge (miniwedge) and JiffyDOS speeder. ProTracker with sfx | Frank Wille has written a completely new music player based on the original Replayer source code which came with ProTracker 2.3. The player is optimized and has new functions for games: Insert external sound effects, fast master volume, no busy waiting, E8 command for triggers and lots of tables for best performance. Sparkle V1.5 - C64 | A new version of Sparkle is now available for the Commodore C64. This trackmo loader for the C64 is developed by Sparta. Amiga Users Ireland Podcast | In this episode of the Amiga Users Ireland Podcast: An interview with CS-Labs hardware about the Warp 1260. Dizzy II - Treasure Island Dizzy - Plus/4 | Dave converted the Code Masters classic Dizzy game to the Commodore Plus/4 computer. The game has documentation, a trainer, intro picture, digital speech and two different endings. Amiblitz 3 - Amiga | A new version of Amiblitz 3 is now available. Amiblitz is a development tool for AmigaOS3.x. Amiblitz is the further develop of BlitzBasic 2. Nalle Äh-Puh - C64 | Nalle Äh-Puh is a new Finnish text-adventure game for the Commodore C64 computer. The game was made by Dr. Masterpiss and was one of the competitors at Psykoz 2020. Amiga Love - Amiga & CD | On the Amiga Love YouTube channel, you can now watch a video about using CDs on the Amiga computer. Kick Assembler Framework v4 | The Kick Assembler Framework v4 is now available. Changes in this version: Hi Score loader/saver, Power up, Bullet upgrades, Buzzsaw and 3 different front ends. Amiga Love - CMD | On the Amiga Love website intric8 wrote a blog about the company Creative Micro Designs (CMD) that produced JiffyDOS and the SuperCPU. Air Attack! - Plus/4 | Marco Spedaletti developed a bomber style game for the Commodore Plus/4 computer. The game was made for the RetroProgramming Italia Air Attack Challenge. Amiga Retro - MNT 9000 | In this episode of Amiga Retro: A power fix for the MNT 9000 Zorro 2/Zorro 3 All-In-One Amiga upgrade. Hey Birt! - Okidata Okimate 20 | In this video from Hey Birt:The  Okidata Okimate 20 colour printer for the Commodore 64 computer.  Retro Ravi - 8-Bit Mix | Retro Ravi makes 8-bit mixes with his Amiga computers. In this episode: Jungle, Hardcore & Acid. Project-X9 - C64 | Project-X9 is a new SEUCK game for the Commodore C64. The game is developed by Pinov Vox (code, music & pixels) and Richard Bayliss (framework & music). In the game must escape the mothership Fly20and fight with the enemy. The Guru Meditation - Jay Miner | In this episode of the Guru Meditation: The Jay Miner speech on March 18th, 1990 at AmiExpo East Coast in Washington DC. Games That Weren't 64 | The GTW64 webpage has had an update. New: Elite 2 and The Spelling Bee. Updated: A Chance In Hell, Arcade Wizzard, Astromine, Barbarian 3, Circus Fun!, Counting Bee, Dungeons Of Death, Dying High, Dynablaster, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade V1, Jimmy's Grand Prix, Joust, Koshimo, Lemmings V1, Liverpool V1, Lunar Jetman, Maze Patrol, Megatree, Mindsmear, Miner Willy Meets The Taxman, Mumbles - Superspy, Operation Thunderbolt V1, Pipemania 2: Plumber's World, Starglider 2, Sturmtruppen, The Final Matrix, Titus The Fox, Top Wrestling, Total Recall V1, Tujad and Zzap Italia homebrew. Sprite Castle | Rob O'Hara has made a new podcast. The subject in this episode is: Joysticks, the MiST, arcades and Retrobriting without Retrobrite. Castle Attack- VIC20 | Castle Attack is new game for the Commodore VIC20 computer. The game is developed by Masterware Entertainment and can be played on an unexpanded VIC20. In the game you must defend your castle by throwing stones at the attacking knights. | The web page has had an update with many new items: Digitalker 128 program and manual. HD-Rec - Amiga | HD-Rec is a powerful MIDI/Audio sequencer for AmigaOS. Features: MIDI tracks, audio tracks, audio mixer (16 stereo channels), input (1) and output (5) channels. | is a hardware shop for retro computers like: Commodore, Amiga and Atari. A few examples are: AV-breakout boxes, cables, power supplies, cartridges, etc. Hall of Light | An update for the Hall of Light web page: Manfred Linzner, Champion Of The Raj, Arnie, Polyglot, Felix Vincent Enzio Schmidt, Dakamar, William Lunney, Āshōk Prema, Martial Morphers, Gonks, Premium, First Contact, Strip Poker Data Disk #5: Female - Cynthia and Janice, Dimo's Quest / Dimos Quest Part I, Chip's Challenge and Thomas B. Schulz. Saul Cross - SID muisc | Saul Cross added nine new SID's to the DeepSID website: Atic Atac, Runes of Virtue, I Fu..ed Up, Corona, Anxiety in Gotham, Shadow over Hawksmill, Quiltrex64, Fix It Felix and Crackpots. MorphOS Storage | An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: Iris_beta_0.93.lha, UnQuill_0.11.2.lha, Grackle.lha, GoatTracker_2.75.lha, NetCat_0.7.1.lha, MTR_0.69.lha, WebRadio_2.2.lha, Effectus_0.5.2.lha, CMatrix_2.0.lha, RNORadio_1.2.lha, MCE_12.1.lha, UberCassette_0.04.lha, ReportPlus_7.92.lha, zmakebas_1.6.1.lha, SDLPoP_1.21.lha, InstallerLG_0.1.0a51.lha, img2oric.lha, Dopus_5.92.lha, NetFS-revised_3.0.lha and StarFighter_2.3.1.lha. Sprite Castle - Lode Runner | Rob O'Hara has made a new podcast. The subject in this episode is: The Broderbund classic Lode Runner. Amiga Future - Cheats Database | The cheats database of Amiga Future is updated weekly by David Jahn. The database contains cheats, solutions, tips & tricks and Freezer addresses. The latest updates are: Conan the Cimmerian, Colonization and Code Name: Iceman. DLH's Commodore Archive | DLH's Commodore Archive is a web page for Commodore documentation. You can find magazines, books and manuals. The latest additions are: Digitalker-128 Instructions, Your 64 Cassette Book, Timeworks Writer 64, Stack VICkit, Stack VICkit-II Users Guide, Stack VICkit-4 and Stack VICkit-5. RetroManCave - Ami-Hybrid | In this episode of the RetroManCave: An interview with Stephen Jones, who talks about the Ami-Hybrid system. - Oceanic OC-118 | made a new YouTube video. In this video he is installing JiffyDOS in an Oceanic OC-118 floppy disk drive.